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Tips for Working From Home

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man working from home on laptop, printing documents from printer

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to reassign their employees to work from home. Although some employees have adjusted pretty well over the past few months, others are still struggling to get used to this routine, not to mention it has affected their state of mind. With that in mind, here are some tips to help make remote work more manageable:

Starting the Day Right

When you wake up, take the time to pause, breathe, and reflect on what you're grateful for. There's a lot on the news right now and a little meditation can help center you for the day ahead.

Respond but Don't React

When we receive new information, we have a choice: respond or react. Take a breath and respond. Reacting increases anxiety, while responding allows you to calmly make decisions for yourself and the people around you.

Remember: Everyone is Doing their Best

There isn't one right way to do something when managing through a crisis. Stay positive and give yourself credit, you're doing the best you can.

Set Boundaries

Create a schedule that works for you. If you have children, set a schedule for them as well. Share your schedule with your coworkers. If you are the single person at home, establish a workday for yourself and let people know when you're available. Make sure to take time for yourself.

Be Where Your Feet Are

During these unusual times, stay present. While there's a lot going on, there are people right at home that need your help and support. Be there for them.